UC KYC, Know Your Customer, helps you comply with anti-money laundering regulation. You can use the API to integrate the entire UC KYC service, or you can choose to use both the API along with our web interface. If you choose both you can still get the KYC-report integrated while the customer uses UC’s web interface to register and submit KYC-information.

Conditions of usage

In order to use this API, a signed agreement with UC is required whereby you obtain a customer number and password.

Reservations concerning information in API

UC KYC continuously develops its APIs. This means that requests, elements and attributes can be added to an existing API without a version change. We will however not remove anything that already exists in the API as this would create problems for existing clients. It is therefore advisable when using UC’s API in your own applications to allow for new or unknown attributes and elements. If significant or relevant information changes or is deleted this will be notified by UC and a new version of the API will be published. Existing clients will get ample time, as agreed upon in the contract for the service, to migrate to the newer version.

Technical solution

REST API where communication is over HTTPS.


The REST API and all HTTPS communication with the UC KYC REST service is secured with a 4096 Bit TLS/SSL RSA certificate issued by Thawte. The REST API authentication is secured with pre-shared secrets that are encrypted using HTTPS. HEADER parameters to authenticate each request. KYC Customers are authenticated with BankID. Operator admins are authenticated with BankID.


For further information about this API, contact integration@uc.se