International Consumer Reports

For those requiring financial assessment of private individuals, in connection with credit agreements, guarantees or rental agreements, for example. Personal reports help you to do more reliable business and there are a range of options depending on the type of information you need. Get help from UC's tried and trusted risk models and credit assessment expertise.

Conditions of usage

In order to use UC’s Web Services a customer agreement is required whereby you obtain a customer number and password.

Reservations concerning information on private individual

With regard to XML-formatted credit report information on private individuals the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must be complied with. This means that information about private individuals may only be used if you deem this to be in accordance with this regulation. The information may not be used for the purposes of carrying on unlawful credit information activities, such as using old credit report information for new credit decisions. Further, the information may not be used for purposes for which it is not intended, such as marketing (Swedish Data Inspection Board regulation). For more information concerning GDPR and the Swedish Data Inspection Board’s regulations please visit

Reservations concerning information in UC’s Web Service

Changes in the contents of UC’s Web Services normally take place through the publication of a new version of the services. UC reserves the right to introduce new data in the products supplied via Web Services even without a version change and without informing the customer. When using UC’s Web Services in your own applications consideration must thus be given to the fact that new data may be added and that data are only supplied in the cases where they include some relevant information. If significant or relevant information changes or is deleted this will be notified by UC.

Technical solution

UCCreditReport is a Web Service (SOAP version 1.1) which is WS-I compliant.
The service has been tested on multiple platform including Java and Microsoft.Net.


The service uses HTTPS and authentication. If you have higher security requirements, VPN may be provided. If you have a need for other security solutions; please contact UC.


For further information about this API, contact